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3 Unique Ways eNZees Can Alleviate Foot Pain (and more!)

by Jill Schuman | April 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

eNZees Foot Soother isn’t just for preventing blisters. We’ve heard from users across the country who have come up with unique ways to use our wool that we’d never even thought of. Check out these great ideas below and see how eNZees Foot Soother can help you!

Padding in Climbing Shoes 

One of our customers was experiencing some serious discomfort around her toes while climbing multi-pitch routes here in Colorado. The tight toe box of her climbing shoes was causing the nail on her big toe to “cut” into the side the adjacent toe. The solution? She now wraps eNZees around her big toes before putting her shoes on for longer climbs.

Reduce Friction in Cycling Shorts 

Cycling by Tejvan Pettinger

We’d never have thought of this! Last summer, a customer and avid cyclist developed sensitive skin in his cycling shorts caused by friction. In a stroke of genius, if we do say so ourselves!, he tried eNZees. “Low and behold, a strip on eNZees Foot Soother pressed into place inside the bike shorts and the problem (was) solved!!!! Cannot believe just one ride and the area felt better after the ride than before it.”

Added Comfort for Dress Shoes 

Heels by Hernán Piñera

They might look great, but dress shoes – pumps, heels, even loafers – aren’t always the most comfortable. We’ve heard from many of our customers in “the big city” who stuff the toes of their dress shoes with eNZees to add just a little extra cushion. Try it out next time you get dolled up and let us know if it removes any foot pain!

Do you have a unique use for eNZees? Let us know – you might be able to help others with the same problem.



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