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Ten Essentials: The First Aid Kit

by Jill Schuman | April 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

Hiking by Andrew Hitchcock

Hiking by Andrew Hitchcock

Do you know what the Ten Essentials are for any backpacking or hiking trip are? (If you don’t, check out this great post from the Washington Trails Association.) The First Aid Kit is always at the top of my Ten Essentials list because it’s the easiest to forget about, especially when you don’t use it every time you go out.

I always check the contents of my First Aid Kit before I go out on any hike or extended trip. It’s so easy to forget to replenish that “one thing” you’re sure to need in an emergency.

First Aid Kit for Backpacking and Hiking by Chinook Medical

You can either build one yourself or find a pre-made First Aid Kit from companies like Chinook Medical, which is based in Durango, CO like eNZees. Either way, you want to make sure your First Aid Kit always contains the following:

  • Band-Aids of assorted sizes
  • Antiseptic Towelettes and cleansing pads
  • Wound Closure Strips
  • Small gauze pads
  • Small role of adhesive tape
  • Tweezers
  • Safety Pins
  • Small ACE bandage
  • Any medications or personal necessities
  • Latex or nitrile gloves
  • Antihistamine
  • Aspiring and Ibuprofen
  • Lightweight scissors
  • And something for hot-spots and blisters*

*Most ‘how-to’ lists, like this First Aid Kit checklist from Backpacker Magazine, recommend carrying moleskin or duct tape in case you develop blisters. However, I’ve heard from many eNZees customers that they’ve stopped carrying these things all together because they choose to prevent blisters with foot wool. eNZees Foot Soother is ultralight weight, biodegradable, and all-natural. Add it to your First Aid Kit the next time you go on a hike and let us know what you think!


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