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by Lauren Gross | August 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

Ever consider an urban hike? For some people, like myself, accessibility to trails is challenging.

I have recently begun living in Tel Aviv, Israel. And while I feel I have exposed myself to many areas of the city, I still have so much more to explore — that’s why an urban hike is perfect. Many urbanites get their fitness done in gyms or running outside, but an urban hike allows you to discover new cafes, stores, and parks within your own city, or one you might be visiting for business or pleasure.

Some cities, like San Francisco, are a natural choice for urban hikes since they have hilly terrain, but you really can make an urban hike out of any city! Many cities even offer route maps to locals and tourists that showcase the best walks around the city.

Tel Aviv is a beach city with lots of people who enjoy exercising outdoors, tons of bike paths, parks, and an expansive beach promenade for safe walking and little interruption by traffic. 

While I love traditional hikes out on the mountains and trails, urban hikes can offer a lot of advantages, including readily accessible pit stops for food, bathrooms, or supplies along the way. Also, in many ways, they can be a more manageable hike since you can buy a water bottle when you get thirsty instead of lugging one around for hours.

One of the best things I have found about urban hikes, is the opportunity to step outside the normal hustle and bustle of the city and be focused on the journey of walking and taking in new scenes right near your home. Occasionally I just need some time to regroup and focus on myself, especially since I am in a foreign city facing new challenges everyday. And an urban hike is great way to remove myself from my phone and GPS and just wander.

Just last week I took an urban hike to northern Tel Aviv and found a hidden park with amazing flora and lots of shade (which you take for granted until you are in 95 degree desert heat daily). Being able to explore and discover new things about the world, and yourself, are some of the best things about any hike and they are just as obtainable in an urban setting.

I challenge you to try one out!

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