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4 More Ultralight Backpacking Tips

by Jill Schuman | July 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Hiking the Pacific Crest TrailPacific Crest Trail, Photo by Bob Wick, BLM.

Ultralight backpackers and thru-hikers are famous (or perhaps infamous) for the seemingly crazy lengths they go to lighten their backpack. If you’re looking to drop a couple pounds from your base weight, try utilizing these four ultralight backpacking tips. (See our story from June for more ideas.)

  1. Replace your tent stakes

ultralight backpacking tips, replace your tent stakes with ultralight stakes

When you’re talking ounces, replacing the tent manufacturer’s stakes with an ultralight version can save you up to two, three, maybe even four ounces. We like Gossamer Gear’s ultralight titanium stakes, which weigh roughly .2oz each. Or, you can go sans stakes and use rocks to stretch out your tent.

  1. Carry fewer electronics

GPS. Phone. Camera. Portable battery chargers. Solar panels. And then all the cables that go with them. Experience nature with fewer screens. If you have a good smartphone, you can download a GPS app – like GAIA – and use the built-camera. That automatically eliminates two devices in your backpack.

  1. Make a DIY pillow

ultralight backpacking tips, how to lighten your backpack

Why carry a pillow (11 oz.) when you can make one yourself when you get to camp? Fill a stuff – like the one you carry your sleeping bag in – with your extra layers: rain gear, insulating jacket, extra pair of socks.

  1. Pack for the weather

Check the highs and lows, chance for precipitation, or other weather events. If it’s not going to be too cold, there’s no need to pack a winter weight jacket. Are you hiking in the desert with 0% chance of rain? Try swapping out your normal rain gear for an ultralight and compressible water-resistant running smock. Of course, it should go without saying, you should always have your basic layers to keep you warm and dry in case of an emergency.

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