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3 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

by Jill Schuman | January 06, 2016 | 0 Comments

apps to help you keep your new years resolutions Are you feeling more prepared to tackle your annual resolutions? We know it can be a challenge to keep New Year’s Resolutions so here are a few apps to help you get started on the right foot:

If Your Resolution Is to… Make Better Habits

HabitBull helps you overcome bad habits, from annoying (nail-biting) to dangerous (smoking)—just choose which you’d like to log and check in daily to monitor your success through the app’s easy-to-read interface (it’ll remind you if you forget). You’re not restricted to simple yes-or-no tracking: the app can also log things like “number of drinks” and “workout length” to monitor your progress over time.

To buy: HabitBull; Free, iOS and Android, habitbull.com.

If Your Resolution Is to… Eat Healthier

MyFitnessPal is the granddaddy of the calorie-tracking apps, and for good reason. More than five million foods are stored in its nutrition database, covering everything from a banana to the richest dessert at your favorite restaurant. Point your camera at your favorite food’s barcode (usually found on the packaging) for instant tracking. If you can’t find your dinner in the database, the app can determine the calorie count of any recipe on the Internet—just copy and paste the recipe’s URL, and it will automatically calculate nutrition facts.

To buy: MyFitnessPal; Free, iOS and Android, myfitnesspal.com.

If Your Resolution Is to… Manage Your Time Better

Busy bees, pay heed: You don’t have to spend your days in a panic, trying to remember when your kid’s karate lesson starts or where tonight’s dinner is scheduled. If the stock calendar on your smartphone hasn’t helped to keep you organized, try Cozi (also owned by Real Simple’s parent company, Time Inc.). Create an account that you can share with the whole family—you can manage everyone’s calendars and set reminders, take your shopping and to-do lists on-the-go, and record memories and photos in your family journal.

To buy: Cozi; Free, iOS and Android, cozi.com.

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