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Foot Care Tips to Prevent Blisters

by Jill Schuman | February 12, 2016 | 1 Comment

How to prevent blisters and hot spots on your feet

When you worry about getting injured from running, walking or some other part of your fitness routine, you expect it’ll be something major, like a wrenched knee or a sore back. But quite often, an injury smaller than the size of a dime can take you down.

I’m talking about blisters, those tiny, puss-filled hot spots that crop up on your feet, especially on the toes, heels and edges. Blisters are caused by friction and irritation, usually from something that scrapes against your foot. Some people are more prone to blistering than others, but anyone is susceptible.

The body responds to the friction by producing fluid, which builds up beneath the part of the skin being rubbed, causing pressure and pain. A blood blister occurs when the friction ruptures tiny blood vessels.

Prevention of blisters

  • Moisten your feet. Just like sweaty skin, dry skin is also more prone to friction. Use skin creams and lotions liberally on a daily basis to maintain proper moisture.
  • Choose blister-free socks. Merino wool and synthetic socks wick moisture away from the skin; while cotton becomes soaked with sweat, creating a moisture rich environment which can increase friction and the likelihood of developing a blister. Socks with reinforced heels and toes also help reduce friction.
  • Wear shoes and socks that fit. Find a speciality shoe store that specializes in bootfit to help you find the perfect shoe or boot for your foot. Shoes that are too small will cause blisters under the toes and on the ends of the toenails, while shoes that are too big will allow your foot to slide around. Your socks should fit smoothly, with no extra fabric at the toes or heels.
  • And don't forget your eNZees! Our all-natural New Zealand wool can help even the most active person from developing foot irritations on their feet, keeping pesky blisters at bay.

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Katie Anderson
March 21, 2016

Katie Anderson

I think the biggest reason people get blisters is because they are not using shoes or socks that fit. When you feet are sliding around, there is a better chance they will get blisters. Talking with a podiatrist about the socks you should be using, or if your shoes are too big, is a good step in the direction of more happy and healthy feet. http://www.goldcoastfootclinic.com.au

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