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3 Winter Foot Care Tips

by Jill Schuman | February 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

We're experiencing a glorious "warm spell" here in Durango, CO, but winter is far from over. While you're sure to find any number of articles about taking care of your hair and face this winter, you shouldn't forget about your feet! Cold weather can cause any numerous foot problems that can easily last into the spring and summer. So take a moment to give your feet some TLC this winter with these easy, DIY tips!

Prevent Chilblains

How to prevent chilblains this winter

Sure, they sound like something from an old wives' tale, but chilblains are, unfortunately, all too real. If you've ever experienced itchy, swollen red toes during the winter, it's possible you've had chilblains. When your feet experience a quick change in temperature (from cold to hot), the blood vessels in your toes fail to react quickly enough. Blood then leaks into your skin tissue and creates an insatiable itch. 

The best remedy is to keep your feet ALL the time, to avoid drastic temperature changes. Find yourself a pair of warm, comfortable boots to wear while you're running errands or to-and-from work. 

Find the Right Fit

Prevent skier's toe and morton's neuroma in your ski boots

It should go without saying that you should buy properly fitting boots and shoes, but ill-fitting footwear is one of the most common reasons people experience foot problems. Both Skier's Toe and Morton's Neuroma are caused by footwear that is too tight and constricting. From nerve damage to bleeding under the toe nail, wearing your ski boots too tight can cause serious, long-lasting problems. 

Make sure you have plenty of room to wiggle your toes in your ski boots. If you're purchasing a new pair, find an expert boot fitter to help you get the right fit for your foot. 

Clean & Moisturize 

Get a pedicure to keep your feet healthy this winter

There's never been a better excuse to pamper yourself! Take care of dry, cracked skin on your heels at home or the spa. Sign up for a pedicure or do-if-yourself with an exfoliating foot scrub, foot file, and a deep, moisturizing lotion or butter. I like to put eNZees next to my heels (even if I'm not worried about blisters) just for the moisturizing effects of the lanolin. 

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