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eNZees Finds New Feet to Comfort

by Jill Schuman | July 02, 2016 | 0 Comments

Last week I had the pleasure to participate in the first annual Colorado Trail Days at Backcountry Experience in Durango, CO. While eNZees Foot Soother can be used to comfort feet during any activity, it has its roots in hiking and backpacking. I discovered it while trekking in New Zealand and I’m always happy to introduce this amazing product to fellow hikers.

eNZees Foot Soother at Colorado Trail Days helps prevent blisters while hiking

I spoke with numerous beginning and advanced backpackers during the event who were excited to try a new method of preventing hot-spots and blisters. It’s incredible how simple foot wool is to use. eNZees reduces the friction between your shoe, sock, and skin. The fibrous nature of wool allows it to weave into your sock, holding it in place. It’s always fun to see the light bulb turn on and see people just “get it.”

During the Colorado Trail Days event, there were numerous educational clinics like Basic Map & Compass Skills and Intro to Wilderness First Aid. And there was plenty of “hiking inspiration” to go around!

Here’s to Happy Trails and Happy Feet this summer!

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