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Hiking the Norfolk Coast Path

by Margaret Hedderman | October 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

From Sheringham, a coastal village in the east of England, the Norfolk Coast Path follows a long band of high sea cliffs for roughly 40 miles to Hunstanton. Though the trail actually starts 4 miles south in Cromer, I stepped off the train in Sheringham for a long day-hike north along the coast.

Hiking the Norfolk Coast Path in Sheringham England

The Norfolk Coast Path is one of fifteen National Trails in the UK, and when paired with the Peddar’s Way it extends 93-miles through Norfolk. The trail passes through the beautiful rural countryside along a Roman road and through the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Along the way, hikers will pass several castles and ruins as well as Blakeney Guildhall, the 15th century home of a prosperous local merchant.

Walking the Norfolk Coast Path through Sheringham and Weybourne England

I followed the trail north out of Sheringham and past the golf course. It was a cold and windy Saturday afternoon, but there were numerous other walkers on the trail. I inadvertently followed one of the many circular walks on the trail and veered off into the Weybourne Heath, but eventually made my way back to the coast where men in big red waterproof suits stood fishing along the shore.

Weybourne England Norfolk Coast Path Peddar's Way

The trail itself is among the easiest of the National Trails. With a nice flat grade you can cover plenty of miles along the coast. There are several small villages along the trail with a wonderful bus service, so you could easily walk the trail in segments or stay at B&Bs along the way.


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