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How Cross-Country Skiing is Great For Your Health

by Jill Schuman | January 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

Cross-country is a great, full-body low impact workout

We’re having an incredible winter here in Durango, CO. The snow just keeps coming down! While that might be unwelcome news for commuters, it’s great for cross-country skiers like myself. This part of Colorado is best known for its downhill and backcountry skiing, but we have some great Nordic skiing areas at Vallecito, Wolf Creek, and Purgatory. If you haven’t tried Nordic skiing, check out these three reasons you should try this great winter workout.

Cross-country skiing is low-impact

Worried about the jarring impact running has on your knees? (Or twisting something while downhill skiing?) Cross-country skiing is a low-impact way to get a full body, cardiovascular workout. Because you’re barely lifting your feet off the ground, there is very little shock to your joints.

health benefits of cross-country skiing

It provides a full-body workout

With cross-country skiing, you’re not only giving your legs a great workout, but your arms as well! Using your poles to help propel you through the snow, cross-country skiing keeps your arms in constant movement. You’ll typically burn as many calories cross-country skiing as you would running, but according to a study in the Scandinavian Journal Medicine and Science in Sports reported that you’ll get a better upper-body workout. Give it a try!

It’s a great way to experience nature

What could be better than spending a few hours in the blissful silence of a snowy meadow or alpine forest? Listen to the birds fluttering in the branches and the smooth skating noise of your skis on snow. Besides improving your physical health, cross-country skiing can boost your mental and spiritual health by providing you with a good dose of nature!  

What are you waiting for? Get out there and try it out. Let us know how it goes and don’t forget your eNZees to help prevent any unwanted blisters on your feet.

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