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How to Dress Up Your Wool

by Jill Schuman | August 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

Dressing up isn’t something you normally associate with wool, but all that is changing as more and more people discover the beauty of this all-natural fiber. Whether you’re dressing up with a cute dress from Ibex or you need to make your heels a little bit more comfortable with eNZees Foot Soother, wool is there for you!

Cushion Your High Heels

How to make high heels more comfortable, padding for high heels and pumps

Fashion doesn’t have to mean ‘no pain, no gain.’ I like to stuff eNZees into the toe of my high heels and pumps, and anywhere else I’m experiencing discomfort, to make these shoes just a little bit more bearable. The eNZees lambswool will absorb moisture and reduce the rubbing between your shoe and foot. It can also be used to pad uncomfortable toe boxes, like ballerinas do with their pointe shoes.

Give Merino a Go 

Brands like Ibex and Icebreaker are changing the rules and our perceptions about how to wear wool. Check out these latest Fall dresses from my favorite Merino companies.

Ibex Arranmore Sweater Dress

Women's Arranmore Sweater Dress from Ibex

Ibex Heritage 3-1 Jacket

Women's Heritage 3-1 Jacket by Ibex

Villa Cardigan by Icebreaker

Women's Villa Cardigan by Icebreaker

Carry a Mini in Case of Emergency

Spending the day in town? Don’t forget to carry a Mini or two in your purse while you’re running errands. We all know a blister can develop at anytime, even in shoes you’ve worn for years. As soon as you start feeling a hot-spot, put some eNZees on and you’ll be good to go! 

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