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Introducing eNZees Stocking Stuffers

by Jill Schuman | November 04, 2016 | 0 Comments

Great stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family

With the holidays bringing everyone together, no doubt finding stocking stuffers that everyone will love is a challenge. If you have runners, skiers, hikers, walkers, cyclists or all of the above visiting you for the holidays, fill their stockings with eNZees Foot Soother. 

Our Stocking Stuffer Special makes our individual MINIs available online for the first time. Previously available in-store only for $2.95, our MINIs make great gifts for friends and family. Carry one in your purse when you hit the town or throw a couple in your ski pack before heading up to the mountain. The Stocking Stuffer Special includes 3 MINIs for $9.95. 

Bring a few along when you head out for your post-feast walk through the neighborhood. We all know you can develop a bliser at any time - even on the most relaxed outings. eNZees Foot Soother wicks away the sweat  and creates a soft cushion between your shoe, sock, and skin. It works great for all activities, even standing on your feet all day at work. 

FIll their stockings, so they can stuff their socks with our blister-preventing wool! 

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