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The Skier’s Guide to Blister Prevention

by Jill Schuman | December 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

How to prevent blisters while skiing

It’s that time of year, and no we don’t just mean the holidays. There’s snow on the ground and the skis are coming out! Whether you get one or sixty days of skiing in this season, don’t spend a single minute worrying about blisters or painful rubbing in your ski boots. Try these simple tricks to keep your feet happy on the slopes.

Wear ski socks

Yes, we know it sounds pedantic, but you should wear ski socks when you go skiing! Ski socks aren’t some gimmick to make you spend more money on your ski trip. Good ski socks are specially designed with extra padding on the shin to make hard ski boots more comfortable for a full day on the slopes. Plus, a nice wool or synthetic sock will wick the moisture away from your skin keeping your feet much warmer and drier than if you were wearing cotton.

Find a good boot fit

The perfect pair of boots might not come that way right out of the box. Find a good boot fitter who will work with you to shape and mold your boots and insoles to your feet. Sometimes the hard plastic shell can be shaped (not dramatically, but sometimes just enough) to compensate the unique features of your foot.

Pad and cushion with eNZees Foot Soother 

Lots of our customers will pad the toes of their ski boots or areas where they’re experiencing uncomfortable rubbing or pressure. Put our all-natural lambswool inside your sock and will weave into the fibers, holding it in place. eNZees will not only help prevent blisters from forming, but also ease the pressure from the hard plastic of your boots. Not a skier? Snowboarders love eNZees as well =)

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