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The Traveler's Guide to Blister Prevention

by Jill Schuman | November 17, 2016 | 0 Comments


Walking the Spanish Steps in Rome, how to prevent blisters

You’re on step number 95 when that painful rubbing on your heel becomes just too much. You sit down on the Spanish Steps in Rome and realize that all the walking from today – the Coliseum, the Pantheon, all of it - has given you a massive blister. What’s a globetrotter to do?

Anytime I go on the road, I always pack plenty of eNZees Foot Soother in case of blisters. Sometimes even the most trusted and well-worn shoes can cause hot-spots and blisters because of different walking terrain or even temperature and humidity levels. Next time you go on vacation, try these simple steps for blister prevention.

Make sure your shoes fit

Make sure shoes fit to prevent blisters, picture of shoes on stairs

With checked baggage limits and carry-on restrictions, you have be selective with the shoes you decide to take. Quite often you’re limited to only a single pair! So make sure that your travel footwear fits and is comfortable for walking long periods of time. It sounds obvious, but one of the most common causes of blisters is footwear that doesn’t fit!

Invest in some good socks

When you’re bopping from country to country, hotel to hotel, you can’t carry a full drawer of socks. So invest in a couple of pairs of good, well-fitting wool socks. Wool and synthetic materials wick the moisture away from your skin, reducing the friction that causes blisters. Good socks won’t stretch out and loose their shape over long periods of time, so you can get more than one wear from a pair. 

Try orthotic inserts

Superfeet orthotics can prevent blisters

The Foot & Ankle Center of Washington recommends using orthotics shoe inserts to reduce motion within the shoe. When your foot is constantly rubbing side to side, up and down inside the shoe it can create friction in unwanted places. I’ve used Superfeet for years, and have found them to make my hiking boots all the more comfortable.

Don’t forget your eNZees!

eNZees Foot Soother is all-natural New Zealand lambswool. When you apply it to friction-prone areas, the wool absorbs the moisture from your skin and reduces rubbing. It can also moisturize dry skin with the natural lanolin found in the wool. Give it a try even if you don’t have a blister!

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