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Top 4 Running Apps for your Summer Training Program

by Jill Schuman | May 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

Whether you love it or hate it, running is a great way to stay fit. If you’re looking for a bit of motivation or organization to keep you on track this summer, check out one of these great apps designed specifically for running.


Voice command app for running RunGo

There’s nothing more annoying than having to stop and look at the map when you’re running a new route. With RunGo, you can set your desired route beforehand and it will offer voice commands, letting you know when and where to turn. RunGo can also recommend routes to help you avoid crowded streets or get lost in unknown parts of town. It’s great for anyone in a new city or looking to diversify their running routines.


Best android apps for runners Ghostracer

Need a bit of competition? Ghostracer paces you against previous known times on set courses or routes, pulling its data from Strava. You can also race against yourself as it also tracks your best times. It can also be used by cyclists. 


What are good apps for running? RunKeeper

We think this one is pretty cool. In addition to tracking your pace and distance, Runkeeper also provides real-time feedback on mileage and calorie count. You can plan workouts in it and set goals. But the best part is that it works with iTunes and Spotify to pair songs to your pace based on the rhythm of the music. Don’t ask us how.


Best iPhone Android apps for runners Strava

You’ve probably heard of Strava if only because everyone on your Facebook feed is sharing their latest workouts! Strava is probably one of the top running apps for competitive athletes. It allows you to set segment goals, track and plan your pace, and provides post-run analysis. It’s social feature allows users to share their workouts and progress with others. So even if you're training alone, you have a whole community to offer support and advice! 

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