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Travel to Iceland's Capital Reykjavik

by Margaret Hedderman | October 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

Travel to Iceland, stopover in Reykjavik

It seems that at long last the world has discovered Iceland. This remote and small island nation in the North Atlantic is strikingly beautiful with a magnificent landscape transformed by volcanoes. 

how to travel to reykjavik iceland on a stopover to europe

Icelandair offers free stopovers, or layovers, in Reykjavik for up to 7-days. I recently spent two days in Iceland while on my way to London.

If you’re headed to Iceland, you have to book yourself into The Blue Lagoon. This enormous hot spring is a must-see and is on the way to Reykjavik from the Keflavik International Airport. If you’re travelling by bus, you can arrange for them to drop you off and pick you up at The Blue Lagoon either on your way in or out of the country. But be sure to book your Blue Lagoon ticket well in advance as it can fill up for the day, as what happened to me! I’ll definitely be going back to Iceland as I now have unfinished business at the Blue Lagoon!

Blue Lagoon Iceland Transfer from Keflavik Airport

Reykjavik is quite small for a capital city, which means it’s great for walking. Though there was a cold rain each day I was there, everyone was bundled up and going about their business. From Reykjavik you can book whale watching tours, glacier walking excursions, Norther Lights tours, and more. It’s easy to use Reykjavik as your base camp for exploring the rest of Iceland.

Þúfa by Ólöf Nordal Reykjavik

Walkers on Þúfa by Ólöf Nordal in Reykjavik, photo by Margaret Hedderman

Þúfa by Ólöf Nordal Reykjavik Iceland

Þúfa by Ólöf Nordal is a new piece of public art celebrating Iceland's fishing history, photo by Margaret Hedderman

I however was content to wander around the city on foot, checking out the beautiful public art and museums.

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