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Trip Report: Don't miss the Freemont Cottonwood in Zion

by Jill Schuman | June 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

Upon arriving at the Zion Lodge in Springdale, UT, I was so busy looking at the impressive cliffs as we approached the Lodge I missed the magnificent Freemont Cottonwood Tree. Posing right in front of the Lodge, this tree was planted in 1906 - about 18 years before the lodge was built.  

Freemont Cottonwood in Zion National Park

It is the focal point for the lodge used by not only the lodge guests but everyone traveling by on their way to Angel’s Landing , the Narrows, Observation Point, The Great White Throne and numerous other hikes and incredible sites in the area.

Like everything in Zion National Park, this cottonwood dwarfs everyone and everything. We woke up one morning at 5:30am to watch the sun rise and wash the cliffs with sunlight, and found ourselves distracted by the flickering of the light on the leaves of this beauty.  If you find yourself in Zion, do not miss this natural wonder!

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