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Winter Foot Care Tips for Happy, Healthy Feet

by Jill Schuman | December 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

How to keep your feet healthy during winter

Last winter we posted a blog about keeping your feet healthy and safe during the cold winter months. Winter is finally back in most parts of the country and it’s time to start thinking about caring for your tootsies when the mercury drops. These easy tips and tricks will ensure you avoid injury and other cold related problems this winter.

Wear your winter boots

Winter foot care tips

It should go without saying that warm winter boots are a must this time of year, but, as the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) notes, it’s not uncommon for people to venture outside in sneakers, heels, or even flip-flops on way too cold days. Doing so risks frostbite and any number of other conditions. Good winter footwear should also feature a good sturdy sole with an aggressive tread to keep you safe on slick surfaces.

Add some grip to your running shoes

Kahtoola Nanospikes for running in winter, winter traction devices for running shoes

Not going to let a little snow stand in the way of your daily run? Instead of changing your foot strike on slick surfaces, which can cause injury, the APMA suggests shortening your stride. If it’s really icy out, look at getting some winter traction devices for your running shoes. NANOspikes or Yaktrax fit over your running shoes and provide some much needed grip.

Let your nails go au naturel

If you’re not wearing sandals, why not let your toe nails go au naturel? When you consistently remove and re-apply toe nail polish, you can unintentionally allow bacteria fungus to grow underneath it.

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