eNZees Foot Soother for Retailers

What is eNZees Foot Soother?

eNZees Foot Soother is the first, all-natural wool product used to prevent blisters  to be introduced to the North American marketplace.  For generations, Kiwis have used  their  lambswool to prevent blisters and provide comfort and relief for corns and calluses. The wicking property of wool removes moisture, and the natural curative lanolin helps to soften the skin and reduce the friction that results in a blister. An added benefit of using eNZees is  its ability  to stay in place by weaving into the sock, creating a Velcro effect – a simple tug will release the wool.

eNZees is an essential item for ALL your customers, and particularly those who are active - hikers, runners, walkers, bikers, skiers and even hunters.  Independent retailers with customers who have corns or calluses, or simply sore spots from rubbing  footwear, find immediate relief once they start using eNZees.  Our customers use eNZees to provide cushioning and comfort in their shoes, outdoor boots, running shoes and ski boots.  Some folks are even using  it to keep their toes warm in the winter. eNZees is also a great add-on purchase to footwear and camping gear sales when kept near the register as a grab-and-go!

How it's made:

The lambswool used in eNZees Foot Soother is derived from a particular breed of sheep, scoured with just enough lanolin left in and then carded (a mechanical method that smoothes and separates the natural fibers) which is why eNZees is soft, lightweight and easy to apply.

Before we began distribution, over 150 people throughout the US put eNZees to the test, in all climates and activities. Once we got thumbs up with NO negative comments, we engaged  a non profit agency in Denver , CO to package each MINI, Mini-5Pack and Multi Activity Bag. 

Where you can find it:

eNZees Foot Soother is now available in outdoor and running stores across the country, at podiatry practices, medical supply retailers, and natural food and health stores. The Appalachian Mountain Club sells eNZees in their 5 Lodges in NE and the NY/NJ Trail Conference for CT, NY, NJ of the Appalachian Trail now sells eNZees. PCT hikers can find eNZees in a few of the stores on the Pacific Crest Trail. Non-profit organizations have included MINIs as promotional items in race registration bags.

eNZees Foot Soother is available in all sizes for retailers. MINIs, Mini-5 Pack and, Multi Activity Bag. Only the Mini-5Pack and Multi Activity Bag are available online, the MINIs are only available as one of the three sizes for the retailer.   Most of our customers Bundle their orders , mixing and matching sizes. We can customize any order combination.

See what customers like your's are saying:

The product is great for my job, which required me to wear boots and heavy safety footwear. - AMS, US Navy, Norfolk, VA

I recently used eNZees on my 1,800-mile thru-hike of Te Araroa in New Zealand. It was indispensable - I didn't have a single blister in five months! - MH, Durango, CO

The troublesome corn on the bottom of my foot has been 'dormant' since starting to use the eNZees wool! - TC, Oakland, CA

Find out how you can help your customers enjoy blister-free adventures with eNZees wool. Click here to become an eNZees Foot Soother® in your area.