Testing eNZees Foot Soother on Te Araroa

Hiking is never easy on your feet. Hiking 1,800-miles across New Zealand is down right brutal, which is why my Dad and I carried eNZees Foot Soother throughout our entire 5-month Te Araroa thru-hike last year. 

Te Araroa crosses every type of terrain imaginable – dense rainforests, steep and rugged mountains, and dangerous braided rivers. Though this trail passes through one of the most beautiful places on earth, it was one of the most challenging “hikes” I’ve ever attempted. I couldn't afford to have foot issues! 

Anytime we felt a hot-spot coming on, Dad and I would stop and either wrap eNZees around our toes or apply to our heels. In such rough and uncompromising terrain, we miraculously had very few blisters. Well, not miraculously. We were using eNZees after all!