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by Jill Schuman | November 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

Reviews of products that prevent blisters on feet

The word is getting out: eNZees Foot Soother is the best, all-natural way to prevent blisters and hot-spots. We've had some wonderful press lately and want to give a big shoutout to the great websites and blogs that have featured us lately. Take a look at the reviews and peruse their websites. 

GearJunkie.com new outdoor productsGearJunkie.com featured eNZees Foot Soother recently in their Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week column. There are some other great new products like the Lemurlock (a bike lock-light combo) and the VanLife Camping Pod. GearJunkie is a great resource to use when you're looking for gifts or trying to find the next best thing. Check it out! 

Gear Institute reviews best new travel products
Gear Institute is an awesome website that tests and reviews all types of gear, for the outdoor buff to the world traveler. eNZees Foot Soother was recently featured in their Travel Nut Gift Guide, along with some merino wool compression socks for long flights and a waterproof string of LED lights for car-camping road trips.  

CoolThings.com reviews blister preventing eNZees Foot SootherYou're sure to find anything and everything on CoolThings.com, but we're most excited about their review of eNZees Foot Soother! CoolThings.com reviews and features a myriad of new products from armchairs with stowaway stationary bikes to anglerfish plush dolls!

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