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10 Cool Facts about Wool

by Jill Schuman | October 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

fun facts about wool and sheep

It's no secret, we love wool! It's an incredible natural fiber that not only prevents blisters and hot-spots, but is also fire-resistant and helps regulate your body temperature. Check out these ten fun facts and see why wool is so amazing!

1. Humans have been wearing wool since the Stone Age. Surely that must say something about the quality of the fabric! 

2. Wool provides natural UV protection - for both humans and sheep alike! 

3. You've probably heard that wool "doesn't stink." That's because it is naturally anti-microbial, which helps reduce stinky bacteria growth in garments.

baby sheep lamb, facts about wool

4. Wool garments are typically longer lasting than those made of cotton or silk. A wool fiber can be bent 20,000 times before breaking, whereas cotton breaks after 3,000 bends.

5. Did you know a single fiber of wool is thinner than a single human hair?

6. Wool is not only biodegradable, it's also reusable... which makes eNZees Foot Soother most eco-friendly form of preventing blisters. No need for disposable tape or bandages! 

7. During the Medieval times, hosiery was actually made from wool! 

wool sheep facts about wool

8. Sure, we all know sheep and alpacas make wool, but did you know camels, llamas, and yaks can produce wool as well? 

9. Alpaca wool can come in twenty-two different colors!

10. One sheep can produce up to 30-lbs of wool per year! 

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Sheep

by Jill Schuman | June 08, 2016 | 0 Comments

Facts about sheep, lamb is a baby sheep

Lamb by Noel Reynolds

Before I started eNZees Foot Soother, I didn’t know much about sheep despite having enjoyed the wonders of Merino wool for years. But once we began developing our own unique blend of foot wool for blister prevention, I discovered what an amazing animal the sheep really is. Did you know they are actually born with tails? And know how to self-medicate for different ailments?

Check out these six amazing facts about our favorite wooly wonders!

  1. They have great memories

Using a similar neural process as that of humans, sheep can remember 50 individual other animals and people. They can even have BFFs (best friends forever)!

  1. Say it with more emotion!

Sheep not only display different emotions with their ears, they can also read facial expressions and pick up on emotional cues.

  1. They’re fashion forward

Did you know humans have been wearing sheep wool since 10,000 B.C.? No wonder we like our Merino wool so much!

Male sheep is a ram, things you didn't know about sheep

Ram by John McIntyre
  1. "The better to see you with..."

Sheep have excellent peripheral vision. With large, rectangular pupils, they can see 360 degrees without even turning their head!

  1. Excellent lawn maintenance

President Woodrow Wilson once commissioned a flock of sheep to trim the White House lawn during World War I. No wonder it’s so green!

  1. A sheep by any other name…

Did you know a female sheep is called a ewe. A ram is a male sheep, but a castrated male is known as a wether. And, our favorite is a lamb, or a baby sheep.

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